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At the Gladys Marcus Library, 227 West 27th Street

"Through Hispanic eyes, Poetry and Photography"

A group of Hispanic poets who are also photographers will have an exhibition at the Gladys Marcus Library of the Fashion Institute of Technology/SUNY. They are from Spain and Latin American.

The exhibition "Through the HIspanic Eyes: Poetry and Photography (THE)" will open on August 2023, until January 2024.

Created and curated by Madeline Millan, in collaboration with Professor Pilar Banco-Ruiz, Department of Modern Languages & CulturesThis event is possible thanks to the support of School of Liberal Arts

Client / 

FIT, State University of New York (SUNY)

Department of Modern Languages & Cultures

Gladys Marcus Library


New York University


Role /

Exhibition design


travel notes


Agency / 

Pilar Blanco-Ruiz


Department of Modern Languages & Cultures

Madeline Millan

Echo of voices

Manuel Araneda Castex

Australis Design

Year / 


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