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Bank of Chile Museum, Valparaíso

Museo del Banco de Chile 
photographs of the museum construction.

We developed the original project with the historian Jaime Alegría. Then our office took charge of the construction, manufacturing and installation of the museum until its inauguration.


Once the place, the project and the master plan of architecture, museology and museography were approved, we began its execution in the second year.


The space was cleared of objects to proceed to demolish partitions in order to create a single enclosing space around the pillars and structural walls.

Once the objects were out of the space they were cataloged forming a collection. Deposits were built in the old cellars for heritage-quality safes.


The Museum was designed in our offices to the millimeter, in detail, with the help of object designers, manufacturers, architects, structural engineers, different construction specialists and above all with the Bank's architects and historians.


The work included the preparation of the space for which it was necessary to demolish, change floors, reinforce the structure, manufacture museographic devices, display cases, platforms, plinths, glass panels, interactive multimedia screens and the different installations of the devices.


The innovation was in:

-The design of a “numismatic wall” that allows the coin collection, one of the most important in the country, to be seen on both sides.

-The provision of a metal hallway to maintain and support lighting and objects built into the beams.

- Fastening devices on beams.


The Museum is private and was inaugurated by the main authorities of the Bank, the most important in the country. Remains impeccable.

In the following link you can see the museum we built for the Bank:

Client / 

Banco de Chile

Dirección de Arquitectura

Role / 

Foundation, architectural design, museum design, construction, manufacturing supervision, installation.

Manuel Araneda Castex

Historical script: Jaime Alegría



Agency / 

Australis Design

(Designio Diseño)


Year / 


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