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Bank of Chile Museum, Valparaíso

Museo del Banco de Chile

In the following link you can see the museum we built for the Bank in the main office in Valparaíso. The building is of great heritage value for the city. We developed a project that included the construction of a collection and its cataloging, deposits under conservation standards, the production of a script and the empowerment of the spaces on the second floor that the agent formerly occupied to transform it into a museum. To rebuild the space it was necessary to demolish walls, reinforce the structures with metal trusses and transform small spaces into a larger and more fluid space within the building's own limits.


Foundation, design, construction, manufacturing, installation.

You can see the museum in a virtual visit here:

You can see photographs of the museum construction


Client / 

Banco de Chile

Dirección de Arquitectura

Role / 

Foundation, architectural design, museum design, construction, manufacturing supervision, installation.

Manuel Araneda Castex

Historical script: Jaime Alegría



Agency / 

Australis Design

(Designio Diseño)


Year / 


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